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Innate Biotherapeutics

Innate Biotherapeutics ’ platform is based on an engineered fungal carbohydrate that stimulates the innate immune system—the immune system’s first response against fungal infections. These carbohydrates are covalently linked to tumor-targeting monoclonal antibodies, which attract pre-existing antibodies, activate the complement system, and ultimately recruit innate immune cells, to kill the tumor cells. This innate immune response subsequently primes the natural adaptive immune response to convert the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment to an immunostimulatory one and eliminate tumor growth and metastasis.

  • Innate Biotherapeutics has a few lead programs that went through optimization and extensive pre-clinical testing including pilot toxicity in non-human primates
  • Strong IP portfolio includes compositions and use claims
  • Several compelling market opportunities in the cancer immunotherapy space targeting “cold” tumors, as monotherapy and in combination with approved checkpoint inhibitors
  • Innate Biotherapeutics, LLC is currently entertaining business arrangements that would lead the technology into clinical development
Innate Biotherapeutics
Innate Biotherapeutics

Our Technology

While the field of immuno-oncology has historically focused on the adaptive immune system, Innate Biotherapeutics is executing a targeted approach that leverages the power of the body’s innate and adaptive immune systems to convert the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment to an immunostimulatory one, in pursuit of a more effective treatments for cancer.

Innate Biotherapeutics disruptive cancer immunotherapy that leverages both the innate and adaptive immune system, is based on research conducted at the Whitehead Institute of MIT. This research identified a unique fungal saccharide (beta-1,6-glucan) responsible for stimulating the innate immune system—the immune system’s first response against fungal infections.

The mAbXcite technology is an antibody-beta-1,6-glucan conjugate technology that has been applied to several monoclonal antibodies targeting cancer peripheral proteins. This unique saccharide (beta-1,6-glucan) from fungal cell wall signals fungal infection to human neutrophils which then initiate a cascade of immune response. Cancer cells bound with these conjugates are essentially coated with this fungal saccharide that attracts anti-beta-1,6-glucan endogenous antibodies and complement leading to binding and activation of neutrophils, to initially kill tumor cells. Neutrophils subsequently prime a robust adaptive immune response led by T-cells to further eliminate tumors and metastasis.


Innate Biotherapeutics, LLC is exploring a limited number of strategic partnerships to more fully leverage its technology and programs. In particular, our mAbXcite technology offers compelling advantages for potential partners that have novel tumor targeting antibodies, regardless of the antibodies’ biological activity.

The company’s proprietary mAbXcite product engine provides:

  • A transformative approach to treating cancer
  • Ability to treat a wide range of solid and liquid tumors
  • Have shown efficacy as monotherapy and in combination with checkpoint inhibitors
  • A simple targeted product that may not require chronic administration
  • Straightforward development and manufacturing

If you are interested in learning more about Innate Biotherapeutics’ technology and programs, or discussing potential partnering opportunities, please contact us at:

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